About Zaria Academy

Our Vision

Maintaining high education and moral standard, through efficiency and effectiveness in providing quality education to produce high quality potential leaders kjkijk jl will pursue integrity, transparency and accountability for the benefit of the citizenry both in Nigeria and abroad

Our Mission

To provide education that will enhance students' knowledge, through physical, mental, social and intellectual development. It is our priority to help every student discover and develop their individual potentials through their involvement in both the curricula and extra-curricula activities of the school.

Motto: Learning without Borders

This motto demonstrates the school's vision of producing enviable future leaders for the betterment of the human society

Zaria Academy History

A Decade a ago, a group of academics, in a quest to popularise the idea of social service, set up a non-profit making organization intended to establish a boarding secondary school at Shika, near to the new Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital. About four years later, this group, with the assistance of other public-spirited individuals made a donation with which a site was acquired. It took roughly five years for the group to get 70,000 cement blocks moulded. This was enough to construct the basic facilities, including the perimeter wall. These efforts encouraged more people and organizations to make donations, and construction was able to begin. The construction was and is being handled by a competent contractor. Sometime later the search began for a competent principal who would be able to set the Intellectual tone for the school. This search ended, mercifully, in our own backyard, at the Kaduna State Polytechnic, where Mr. Malcom F. Forsyth was discovered and employed. His resourcefulness is responsible fed a hitch-free preparation for the initial and supplementary entrance examinations, which were conducted in six centres. Similarly, interviews were conducted smoothly and the results released without delay. At the same time, the principal organized the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff. We believe that we have a team that will encourage our students to learn. The Academy is now in its first half of the second decade. Our students have made history, and we trust that our standard will remain as high in the years to come. In the over twenty years(20) of our existence, Zaria Academy has been exposed to the national Junior secondary School Examinations conducted both by National Examination Council ( NECO) and WAEC. We have been recording over 95% pass in these public examination.


The purpose of the Academy is not merely to Teach the curriculum as defined by the Federal Ministry of Education in the National Policy on Education. Although that will be done. The academy's aim goes much beyond that. A complete education must involve the training of people physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Students will be encouraged to take part in sporting activities such as football, athletics, volleyball, basketball and table tennis among others. They will be encouraged to join clubs where they can develop strong practical and social skills, such as Young farmers Club, the Young businessmen Club, Junior engineer Technicians and scientist ( JETS). They will be given the opportunity to learn communication and social skills by joining the Literary, Drama and Debating societies. They may undertake intellectual activities by studying mathematics or literature, They may also develop their interests in science and technology so important in the modern world. They will have the chance to learn the effective use of computer, a tool which is appearing in every office, laboratory and workshop in the land. They may also develop their creative abilities by studying fine arts and architecture. In their day-to-day lives, the students will be living in dormitories with many others from Nigeria, and indeed other parts of the world. They will learn, with the support of house staff and a guidance and counselling unit, the social skills required to live in peace and harmony with others, and to cooperate for the common good. Students will be provided with the opportunity to visit other lands to acquaint themselves with other people's lands and way of life, religion, cultures, and educational facilities available. From the year 2003 a number of students in SS2 have been provided with such opportunity for an exchange programme with a sister school in Accra , Ghana . Such interactions among international students will lead to the development of friendly relations among the future leaders of our countries. Zaria Academy prides herself in upholding strict moral code and behaviour as enshrined in our religious faiths. Discipline is the cornerstone of Zaria Academy's philosophy.


The Zaria Academy, registered, as a company limited by guarantee, is a non profit making organization. The Academy has a Governing Council which includes the members of the Board of Directors. There are other members as well, people with an Interest in the Academy's development, who are prominent in various fields and can place their knowledge and experience at its disposal. The Governing Council is responsible for overseeing such matters as long-term development planning, capital expenditure, staff recruitment, admission policy, serious disciplinary matters, and so on. The Principal is a member of the Council together with a parent representative of the Parent-Teachers Association. The day-to-day management of the Academy is the responsibility of the Principal and his three vice- principals, supported by academic, non-academic staff and the students leadership. The names of a the members of Governing Council are:

  1. Dr. Haroun Al-Rasheed Adamu ( Chairman)
  2. Dr. Paul Achimugu ( Chairman, Arewa Textiles Ltd Kaduna)
  3. Alhaji Lawal bawa (Retired Assistant Inspector General of Police)
  4. ProffessorAdamu baikie (Former vice Chancellor,Nassarawa StateUniversity, Akwanga.)
  5. Alhaji Abdurahman ( Member, Zaria Academy P.T.A)
  6. Engr. Ag. Goni (Chairman P.T.A)
  7. Mr. Asikpo Essien Ibok (Former Member ICPC)
  8. Alhaji Muhammadu Jibo (Member EFCC,Abuja)
  9. Dr. Mohammed Jumare (Former Nat. Comm. INEC)
  10. Dr. Ahmad Modibbo (Ex. Sec. UBEC, Abuja)
  11. Mr. Dennis okoro (Retired Director of Education,Federal Min. of education)
  12. Chief T. Onabanjo (Administrator)
  13. Giwa Local government (Education Secretary, Giwa Local got., Kad. State.)
  14. Ahmed Jumare Gidado ( Retired Director of Education, Kad. State)
  15. Mr. U. G. Wuyahku (Principal, Zaria Academy)
  16. Barr. Ahmed Sardauna Obande (Secretary Governing Council)


The Academy has approximately one hundred acres of land available for its structures. Structures in existence, and planned, include administrative buildings dormitories and stores, classrooms, Laboratories, workshops and special purpose rooms. Recreational and sporting facilities and -so on. The academy has its own two power generating plants and six bore holes.There is a farm operated by the agricultural Science department. Adequately equipped Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories, computer room ( Cyber cafe) and a Multipurpose Hall have been commissioned.


The parent-teacher association (PTA), Zaria Academy, Shika is essentially a forum where teachers and parents meet to discuss the operations and managerial strength and weakness of the school in order to facilitate its effectiveness in the educational services and training of the students of the school.

The association serves a bridge between the school and parents/teachers with the task of fostering mutual respect and understanding among its members (parents of the enrolled students, management, the teaching staff and members of the guidance and counselling unit of the school).

PTA Zaria Academy also serves as a development partner of the school, which acts as a non profit making, fund raising organization in areas where it deem necessary to intervenes in ensuring the provision of standard materials, equipment and buildings that will enhance the smooth operation of the Academy.

Zaria academy PTA raises her funds through due paid every term by the parents and any other freewill philanthropic donation from parents as well as other friends and well-wishers of the school.

The Zaria Academy Parent Teacher Association has intervened among others, in the provision of infrastructures to augment the effort of the school management to ensure maximum comfort of the students and teachers, supplied means of transport for the school, provision of furniture as well as interest free resolving loan for teachers. PTA also appreciates the teachers for producing excellent results in external examinations.

Also, at every general meeting, the PTA sponsors techno-craft exhibitions by the students in various aspects such as the sciences, electronics, Visual/Fine Arts etc. The PTA also sponsors Academic Merit Awards to the best students in every subject for each year group based on the previous terms\92 examinations results.

The ordinary general meeting of the association is conducted at least once in every term of an academic year while the Annual General Meeting is held during the last term of the academic year. It is at such time that the audited accounts of the association are presented to the membership for approval and election conducted to the vacant positions of the Executive Committee that must have served a two year re-electable term.

Usually, members of the PTA are notified of meeting dates through the school newsletter with a follow up reminder via Bulk-SMS about a week before the scheduled day. PTA general Meetings are usually convened on a Saturday at 10.00 AM and attendance is mandatory for all members. The PTA frowns at complete absenteeism and prefers a representation to complete absence as the association values the contribution of all members during the meetings.


The Academy's Colours are Royal Blue and Gold. The Crest is a representation of a spaceship heading towards the stars. Above it is written the name ZARIA ACADEMY, and below is the motto: LEARNING WITHOUTBORDERS.