Admissions Overview

Admission into the Academy is by competitive examination followed by an interview. The entrance examination is held during the second quarter of each year at various centres throughout the federation. Details will be published well in advance in the print and the electronic media as well as Academy's website (

To qualify to sit for the examination, candidates must have completed or be in the last class of their primary school; and at least ten and not more than twelve years of age on the 31st August of current year. The examination will consist of tests in Mathematics , GeneraI Science , quantitative Aptitude , Vocational Aptitude and EngIish Composition . Candidates will be expected to pass the Mathematics and EngIish Ianguagetests , and to score at Ieast 40% in the examination as a whoIe.The interview wiII incIude simpIe tests in reading and comprehension in English , and in elementary mathematics.


Transfers into the Academy from other secondary schools may be allowed provided the candidates have achieved a satisfactory academic standard in their former school, and that the Academy is convinced that the candidate will fit into the school environment satisfactorily. Such students may be asked to attend an interview and sit for an entrance qualifying examination. Other conditions include clean academic records, age and high moral standard from the former schools and the transfers are only applicable to S.S.I class. International candidates may fill the transferrers online at the Academy's website.


Fees will be announced from time to time by the Governing Council. Every effort will be made to keep fees as low as possible. However the Academy will have to respond to any increases in market prices in orderly be able to cover its costs. Fees are paid every term, in advance. Students will not be admitted to the Academy, or permitted to return to the Academy after a vacation, unless their fees are fully paid. Students who are more than two weeks late in reporting back to school after a vacation will be assumed to have withdrawn voluntarily, unless the Academy is otherwise informed. The Academy will always be ready to find ways of Establishing scholarship schemes to aid deserving Students. At the moment the best over all student in each class is on a full scholarship. Also the overall best student in the common entrance examination enjoys a scholarship for one year, among others.


The charges will constitute the bulk of the fees charged by the Academy. They will be set before the beginning of each term. Parents or guardians will be informed of charges in good time. Uniforms and other wears will be specified and supplied by the Academy. These materials shall be purchased from the Academy, unless if parents are otherwise advised to buy from the local market. Where parents are so advised to obtain the materials themselves, they must ensure that it matches the samples distributed by the school, AII items of clothing must be fully labelled with the name and admission number of the student. Trousers Long for class wear black 2 pairs Shirts Long sleeves for class wear white 2 Only Shirts Short sleeve for house wear-check 2 Only Trousers House wear brown khaki 2 Pairs Shorts Sports wear-white khaki 2 Pairs The following items will be suppliers by the Academy. Pullover Woolen-grey with yellow edging 1 Only Tie Blue with yellow stripe for SS and blue with white Strips for JSS 2 Only Singlet House colours for sports 2 Only


All textbooks will be supplied by the Academy, generally at the beginning of an academic year. There will be a charge to cover this.


Stationery will be supplied by the academy every year. There will be a Charge to cover this. Certain materials required for the construction of artifact in Introductory Technology and FineArts studies may also be charged to the students stationery account


The following items will be supplied. Mattress 1 Only Pillow 1 Only There will be a charge to cover this payable every three years.


Special charge s for certain excursions, and other non compulsory activities may also be made. Such activities will be optional, and parents will be asked in advance if they wish their children to take part. There will also be a small levy applied by Parent-Teacher Association to help in managing its affairs. There will be extension during the second term holiday for preparing the J.S.3 and S.S 3 students for final examinations. The extension will attract special charges. There will be a surcharge tor senior Secondary Students to cover some costs of consumable and other items used in the laboratory, the computer and Art studio. The Junior Secondary Students may also be surcharged for computer practical all final year students (JS 111 & SS 111) are expected to pay the necessary final ( external examination fees as at when required.