On behalf of the Governing Council, I wish to welcome you, parents and students, who have chosen to join us in Zaria Academy an exclusive boarding secondary school.

Zaria Academy was envisioned by a group of academics who have benefited immensely from a sound secondary school education. The group believes that success in the higher levels of education can be achieved only by students who are exposed to the disciplined, intellectual, moral and physical rigour of a first-class boarding secondary school.

Zaria Academy promises to provide these four, in the serene and quiet Shika environment, devoid of the distractions which adversely affect students performance. The Academy's proximity to the Ahmadu Bello University's academic, professional and health complexes further provides the students with the inspiration to excel and to gain a head start in any profession, be it medicine, law, academics, engineering, accountancy, architecture etc.

Zaria Academy is a company limited by guarantee. The facilities on ground have been acquired and constructed with funds offered from subscribers, philanthropists and donations from socially responsive individuals and corporate bodies at home and abroad. As time goes by we will be expanding our facilities by constructing more dormitories, classrooms, laboratories, and library and sporting facilities to accommodate our present and future academicals.

However building alone does not create a school. The spirit of learning, a respect for truth and intellectual honesty, the capacity for excellence in all endeavour can only be acquired by the students themselves during their sojourn in the Academy. Guided by their teachers, and supported by their parents guardians the students will need to create for themselves and future generations of students a lasting tradition, which they can look back upon in years to come with great pride.

The Academy's motto is Learning without borders. When they graduate our students should find no border to obstruct their quest to achieve greatness.

Dr. Haroun AI-Rashid Adamu
Chairman Governing Council