An unregulated society is a drifting one. Therefore it is necessary to order the behaviour of students especially at the secondary school Ievel. The Academy believes that students should know what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and be encouraged to conform to standard norms. Such behaviour should be based upon their own self respect, respect for the rights of others, respect for the law, respect for the Academy's authority, respect for their teachers and the staff of the institution. An important regulation is that students must obey the laws of the land. A breach of law will be taken very seriously by the Academy. It is inevitable, nevertheless, that some written regulations should exist, and that these should be updated from time to time, as the need arises. It should also be Noted that regulations on certain subjects have been laid down here in this document: particularly over visitor ( see 4.7) and on the formation of student organizations (see 2.3) Such regulations have not been repeated in the following list, see also booklets on Rules and Regulations for students.


Students are not allowed to leave the campus or a abscond classes without permission. Any offender will be severely punished.


A student is not to visit the staff quarters without approval/invitation. He/she may be sanctioned.


Student must wear the prescribed uniform at all times except when it has not yet been issued.


A student is not allowed to drive any motor vehicle or ride any bicycle, whether' supervised or not, while in the Academy. Any offender will be severely punished.


Students should not keep any appliance, such as a radio, television, cooking utensil, mobile phone, GSM and so on, unless it is listed by the Academy as being required.


Students who cheat in any examination, test or assignment will be punished and/or expelled. Students who copy the work of others without acknowledgment will be liable to dismissal.


Bullying or fagging in any form is not allowed. Persistent offenders will be liable to dismissal.


No student may consume any form of tobacco, alcohol and/or hallucinatory drugs while in the Academy Offenders will be punished and /or dismissed.


Students are not allowed to keep or use prescribe drugs without the supervision of the sick - bay staff, while at the academy. Offenders will be punished and /or dismissed


Any student who attempts to form or becomes a member of any cult, secret society or gang stands to be expelled.


Any student that gets involved in act of sexual misbehavior or any sexual immoral act will be expelled instantly.


No parent or guardian will be permitted to take his/ her child for any social function outside the school. Violation of this rule means withdrawal of the child's admission


Jumping over the fence of the Academy is prohibited. All offenders will be punished or expelled.


AIl forms of assault by students on a staff of the Academy will attract dismissal.


Unreasonable late return of students from vacation and breaks will lead to suspension.


The Academy allows/permits two visiting days in a term. The first (1st) being PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meeting/visiting while the second (2nd) Open day.

However, in any of the following instances ill-health, indiscipline, poor academic performance and spiritual problems, a parent may be called to visit such a child as approved by the school management.

The school frowns at withdrawal of any student for a purpose such as religious pilgrimage and wedding while the school is in session as this will affect the academic performance of the student concerned.


To ensure the safety and effective management of Zaria Academy, the following items listed below are regarded as contrabands and therefore are prohibited. Students are not expected to take any of such items into Zaria Academy premises:

  1. 1)  Provisions of all sorts (drinks, snacks, spices, e.t.c.). These are made available at the school kiosk.
  2. 2)  Currencies of all kinds. The students are given coupons with which to purchase items from the school kiosk
  3. 3)  Cell phones and their accessories.
  4. 4)  Dangerous weapons like knife, guns, etc
  5. 5)  Foot wears and clothes that are not Zaria Academy uniform.
  6. 6)  Perfume/body spray (roll-on is allowed).
  7. 7)  Electronics & electric devices such as Record player, MP3, MP4, CDs, Radio, Heater (Ring Boiler) e.t.c.
  8. 8)  Drugs (all sorts e.g. cigarette, cocaine, heroin, cough syrup, intoxicants e.t.c.).
  9. 9)  Customized belts with large buckles or fabric belts.
  10. 10)  Jewelries like, necklaces, hand chains, rings, bracelets etc.
  11. 11)  Cosmetics of all sorts such as hair relaxer, hair remover etc. (white powder and body cream is allowed).

NOTE:In Accordance with the PTA decision, any of the above items found on the student's luggage will be confiscated. Hence, kindly check your Son's/Ward's items

Thanks for your co-operation and understanding.