Corporate Social Responsibilty

Skills Acquisition Programme

In our effort to further enhance our cordial relationship with the community in which we are located and provide our corporate social responsibility, we started a Community Development Service, otherwise known as Skills Acquisition programme. The programme involves recruitment of unemployed youths in our immediate communities namely: Giwa, Tsibiri, Yakawada, Shika, Bomo, Samaru, Basawa, Hanwa, Sabon-Gari and Birni Da Kewaye Districts which serve as catchment areas for the project.

The candidates were made to undergo training in various skills like welding, plumbing, computer, tailoring, electrical, motor/motor-cycle, mechanics, carpentry alminimum work etc. The project aims at reducing youth unemployment and provides the communities these needed manpower and services as the ultimate end in view.

The course fee, uniforms and pocket money are borne by the Academy. It is our desire that the trainees after graduation will train others in similar projects. Each trainee will get a set of equipment during graduation as take-off empowerman.

This we believe will go a long way in reducing the endemic unemployment and its attendant problem in the society as the beneficiaries become self-employed.

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Zaria Academy Fire Service Truck: A Corporate Community Service

Zaria Academy having passed through a devastating conflagration that gulped its ultra modern, well stocked and equipped Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Guidance and Counseling units, a mini store, a staff room and three standard furnished classrooms, the Academy had to go to the extra mile to acquire a standard, state of the art, fully equipped fire truck. The resolve was meant to augment other fire fighting strategies example; fire alarms, detectors, fire extinguishers, a student's Fire Fighters Club, as well as a regular fire and emergency sensitization workshop already put in place by the school administrative head.

The acquired fire engine by Zaria Academy has all the requirements for a fighting tool which includes a water tank, a pump, hose storage, a suction hose, ground ladder and other sundry tools that enhance effective fire fighting and related emergency situations. The truck will be utilized in transporting fire fighters to inferno scenes, provide them easier access to the fire, along with water and other equipments to tackle fire as well as perform other emergency and rescue tasks.

A team of able-personnel - the fire fighters have also been trained and certified to man Zaria Academy Fire Service Unit. The fire fighters have been provided with all necessary protective clothing, foot wears and helmets to shield them from intense heat and poisonous gases.

In Nigeria these days, almost on a daily basis, we hear of fire outbreaks in houses, offices, schools, markets, hospitals, hotels, production plants etc as a result of gas leakages, candle, flames, electrical faults, power surges, over heating of electronic equipments, bush fires, cigarette smoking, poor electric installations due to sub-standard equipments and or use by unqualified electric engineers, lightning or just like that due to fate,

One of the most devastating tragedies that can befall any property is a fire outbreak. Fires can destroy millions of naira worth of property in little or no time. Fire outbreak is never a pleasant experience. But more unpleasing is the helplessness of watching ones live savings go into flames; leaving behind heaps of ashes.

Hence, as the British statesman and political philosopher, Edmund Burke said, "Whenever our neighbour's house is on fire, it cannot be amiss for the engines to play a little on our own". The Zaria Academy Fire Service Unit is dedicated and meant to serve the entire communities far and near the school as a form of corporate social community service in addition to the several other community services the school renders (public enlightenment, youth empowerment, scholarships, advocacies and so on).

The school hopes that the entire surrounding communities and indeed, the school community will derive maximum benefit from the Zaria Academy Fire Service Engine even as we continue to take precautionary measures to prevent fires and other emergency situations.