Student Welfare


The Academy has a guidance and counselling e unit to assist the students during their stay. The role of the unit is to give support to those who need advice on making academic decisions, those who may have personal problems, and so on. Parents should also confer with the staff of the unit if they feel that their wards are hot performing as well as they should. The support service will be kept confidential if necessary, but counselling staff may have to confer with other units of the school in order to solve particular problems.


The Academy has a fully equipped sick - bay With a qualified nursing staff and a lab technician to look after the health needs of the students. The Academy Maintains the services of a consultant Physician in case of serious ailments. A non refundable charge will be made for the maintenance of this sick- bay. In the event that a student requires medical attention beyond the facilities of the Academy, they will be referred to the Academy's Consultant Physician. In the event of any serious medical problem arising, parents will be informed by telephone. Students will not be allowed to posses drugs or to treat themselves for any ailment. Those who return to the Academy at the beginning of a term while still undergoing a course of medical treatment should bring a report from their medical doctor. Any drugs that may have been prescribed must be handed over to the sick-bay. The sick - bay staff will supervise the administration of the drugs, and will take whatever further action is required to ensure the well being of the student.


Prescribed books will be supplied by the Academy, generally at the beginning if the academic year. These will be obtained directly from the publishers, where possible at a discounts, and will be sold to the students. The estimated cost of textbooks will be charged to the student's account for the first term of each session. Parents will be informed of the state of their ward's textbooks account at the end of each academic year.


AII Stationery will be supplied by the Academy, generally at the beginning of each term. The estimated cost of stationery wil be charged to the student's stationery account. Parents will be informed of the state of their ward's stationery account at the end of each term.


Students are expected to bring the following items to the academy every term. Each item shou1d b marked clearly with the name of the student.


Socks short, dark grey 4 pairs Shoes Black Ieather for class wear 2 pairs Sandals Brown 1 pair Slippers House wear 2 pairs Canvas sports wear 2 pairs Underwear 4 pairs Nightwear 1 set Students will not be allowed to wear anything but the prescribed uniformed listed above and in section 4.5.1.


Bed sheet-whit 2 Only Pillow case white 2 Only Blanket 1 Only Mosquito net white 1 Only Towel 2 Only Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush etc Detergent etc, for personal laundry

Personal Supplies (GIRLS)

Students are expected to bring the following items to the Academy. Each items should be marked clearly with the name of the student.


Blouse arid trousers for jumat prayers (Muslim Studeht OnIy) 2 pairs each. Wrappers 2 pairs Short socks (dark gray) 4 pairs Black leather shoes for classes 2 pairs Brown sandal 1 Pair Slippers for house wear 2 Pairs each Canvas for sports 2 pairs Underwear 4 sets Nightwear 2 sets Head - cover (Black) 2 sets White Hijab Muslim students 2 sets Students will not be allowed to wear anything but the prescribe uniform listed above.

Bedding & Toiletry

Bed - sheet, white 2-nos. Pillowcase, white 2-nos. Blanket 1-no. Mosquito net, white 1 -no Towel 2-nos. Soap, tooth-paste, tooth-brush, etc Detergent, etc for personal laundry Roll-on Sanitary towel 4-nos. Toilet roll 6-nos. Comb 2-nos Nail cutters 2-nos. Hair cream 1only Vaseline Thread for platting Shampoo ( sedum size) 1-no The following are not allowed for girls 1. Tattooing on the skin 2. Nail polish, paints, lipstick, eye - pencil, kajah 3. Neck chain, leg chain, hand chain, dangling earrings and rings. 4. Perfumes, incense, etc. Except Roll-on. 5. Electronic devices, ring boilers, cooking utensils. 6. No GSM ( Handsets ) and cash. 7. Np raw food items or cooked items 8. Occultic materials of all sorts. 9. Provision NOTE: Any student found with any of the above prohibited items will be dismissed instantly from the Academy (School )


Bucket metal 1 Only Hoe 1 Only Cutlass 1 Only Broom 1 Only Padlock 2 only Torchlight with sufficient batteries 1 only shoe polish, brushes etc cloth pegs. When not being used, most of these items should be stored in a secure, lock able box, preferably made of metal. While the Academy will take all reasonable measure to protect students' property from loss, theft or damage, it cannot guarantee the safety of properties in the possession of students. It is the student's responsibility to take effective measures to protect their property from loss, theft of damage.


Parents may not supply their children with foodstuffs, biscuits or beverages. Children should not be given any quantity of drinks, such as orange juice, for their personal consumption. All these and related items will be seized and will not be returned to parents. The school has undertaken to supply snacks to be purchased from the school kiosk. Parents are encouraged to provide adequate pocket money to be managed by the school. Students will not be allowed to keep or use cooking equipment or any items requiring the use of electricity or gas. They will not be allowed to cook any foods any where in the school, except where it in part of their curriculum and they are supervised by a qualified member of staff.


To valuable items not entrusted for safekeeping to the Academy. Protection can only be extended to the personal possessions that the Academy recommends for each student. There will also be insurance cover for students against personal Injury while under the supervision of the Academy.


Students will not require more than five hundred and seven hundred and fifty naira, a total of N6,500 and N9,750 per term for Junior and Senior students - respectively. Students will be given the money in form of coupons weekly on request from their pocket money account as no student is expected to be in possession of cash.


Only those authorized by a students parent may visit the student. To this end, parents will be issued with two identity cards, which they can give to those they wish to authorized as visitors. Normally thy would keep one for themselves and give one to some other person. A school calendar will be produced for each team, which will indicate the dates if these days. Parents are expected to study these carefully and Make arrangements accordingly. No movement of students out of school staring the term for any social or religious activity will be allowed. Any parent that violates this will have the child withdrawn from the school.


The Academy's routine allows sufficient time for Muslim students to fulfil their daily religious o b l i g a t i o n s . T h e Academy has built its own mosque for Jumu´┐Żat prayer with a president imam in charge. For those who have interest in further religious activities, a Muslim Students Association has been established. Christian students will be allowed to attend their church services on Sundays, under the supervision of a member of staff, in Samaru village. A Christian Students Association has been established.


Parents should avoid telephoning their children, but may always communicate with the Principal in the event of an emergency. Principals GSM: 08036786173 Vice- Principals: 08096084941,08028398297, 08058211956,08036696462